3 Reasons Why You Need to Attend a Wine Tasting

by Lauren Power

If you've been searching for ideas for your next client event or trying to figure out what to do for your bachelorette party, have you thought about doing a wine tasting?

A wine tasting has many tangible results that your group can enjoy, other than it just being pure FUN!

For corporate groups, wine tastings are not only the best way to learn about wine, but also a fun opportunity to generate new business leads, improve company culture, and increase brand loyalty with clients and colleagues. On the other hand, for private parties, wine tastings are a convenient way to bring a group together to make new memories, and help everyone actually stay engaged in an activity together.

A wine tasting goes far beyond just having a night of drinking with colleagues or friends! Keep reading to find out the top three highlights that guests experience during our in-person and virtual tasting experiences:⠀

1. Try New Wines ⠀

Are you starting to get bored of bringing the same bottle of wine to your parents' house for dinner, or wish you knew unique wines to gift your boss instead that they've never tried before? 

All the wines that you can experience in one of our tastings are exclusive to our portfolio - this means that you cannot find any of them at the LCBO! This will give your group a chance to try wines that will be new to everyone in the group, whether they consider themselves to be a newbie or a connoisseur. Everyone in the group will get to try them for the first time together, create conversation around this brand new experience, and discover some new favorites for the next time you have an event!

Prior to hosting your wine tasting with us, we will speak with you to learn more about your group and the kind of wine they'd be excited to try! If everyone is curious about a certain region of the world, or tasting varietals that are lesser known, we can fully customize your lineup of wines to match whatever your group is craving. And at the tasting, we'll give you all our knowledge on them, and answer your group's burning questions!

2. Learn What You Actually Want to Know

Google can be a helpful resource to check when you have questions about a new wine that you've picked up, but it can be tough to get all of the details you actually want to learn! 

Going to a wine tasting often comes with the idea that you will be surrounded by confusing vocabulary, and a feeling of pretentiousness. At Tre Amici, we are on a mission to make wine more fun and accessible, which includes education, along with interesting storytelling, and lots of laughs! Although we'll help you grow your wine knowledge with technical details that allow you to describe your taste so you can feel confident picking out a new bottle at the store, or speaking with a server about a restaurant's wine menu, we believe that wine is so much more than that.

One of our favourite parts of hosting a tasting is sharing wines with you from winemakers that we know personally, and are honoured to tell you stories about! This means that we love going beyond talking about the tannins, acidity, and tasting notes, and bring to life all of the romantic stories, family histories, and unique nuances of each wine.

3. Feel Confident in Your Wine Choices!

Tired of aimlessly walking around the liquor store or not knowing what bottle to order for your table while you’re out with your friends? Attending a tasting with a wine expert is the perfect way to learn what kind of wine you actually like. 

When you taste with an expert, learn about what makes each wine different, and are able to describe what you do and don't like about a wine, it does wonders for developing your palate, and helping you understand from which bottles may align with your taste or not.

Additionally, having the opportunity to try wines from new regions of the world, different varietals, blends you may not have heard of, or unique styles that small winemakers are able to play around with allows you to diversify your taste beyond the same Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon you usually reach for!

Ready to Host Your Group's Tasting?

In conclusion, hosting a wine tasting is a fantastic way to bring people together, make connections, learn more about your personal wine taste, and engage the entire group with conversation they'll actually be excited to participate in.

Ready to have this experience with your group? 

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