5 Unique Varietals You Need to Try

by Lauren Power

Have you been wanting to break out of your usual rotation of Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay?

Keep reading to learn about three unique white and red varietals that you might not have tried before, and what to pair with them to fully experience the flavours!

White Varietal: Garganega

Dry and light-medium bodied, the Garganega grape is grown in Veneto, Italy, and is an amazing pick if you love Pinot Grigio! Your new favourite? Try Domini Veneti Soave Classico for delicate notes of white fruit and bitter almond.

Pair this bottle with your favourite appetizers, pasta, vegetarian, and fish dishes. 


White Varietal: Incrocio Bruni

From Marche, Italy, Incrocio Bruni is a cross between Sauvignon Blanc and Verdicchio. Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo Bellantonio is aromatic with notes of chamomile and lemon, and is perfect for you if you love minerality!

This wine is best enjoyed with appetizers, complex fish, fresh cheeses, and aperitifs between meals.


White Varietal: Malvasia

Malvasia is known for having a fruity bouquet, and Cantina di Venosa Verbo Malvasia has notes of tree fruits, tropical fruits, and lots of minerality. It might just remind you of Sauvignon Blanc! 

The best pairings for this bottle? Appetizers, risottos, shellfish, and seafood dishes.


Red Varietal: Raboso Piave

Raboso Piave is native to Treviso, Italy, and is its only indigenous red grape variety. Full of body and tannins with subdued acidity, Tenuta Santomè Moro ‘41 is a blend of Merlot and Raboso Piave, and has notes of red berries and pansies. 

Enjoy a glass of Moro ‘41 with salamis and medium mature cheeses, chicken cacciatore, rabbit, or polenta.


Red Varietal: Carmenere

Originally from Bordeaux, but now grown in South America, Carmenere is known for its red fruit and black pepper flavours, light tannins, and high acidity. Punti Ferrer Carmenere Reserva is well balanced with red fruit, pepper, and cloves fragrances, and a gentle tobacco sensation.

Pair this Chilean wine with risottos, paellas, matured cheeses, and lightly seasoned red meats.

Red Varietal: Carignan

Fruit-forward with baking spices and umami notes, you have to try Carignan if you love medium bodied Reds like Zinfandel! Clos de Nit Criança has elegant aromas of ripe red fruits, with fine nuances of oak and mineral notes. 

Serve this wine with barbecue, smoked dishes, cured cheeses, stews, or game meats. 


Ready to try a new varietal and spice up your wine fridge with some unique bottles? 

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