Organic vs. Non-Organic Wine - Which Is Better?

by Lauren Power

It’s no secret that the word organic has become a big buzzword in the wine space over the past few years. With it being the start of a New Year, and seeing so many health and sustainability related New Year’s resolutions on social media, many of us may be left wondering if we should make the switch to organic wine. But, are they really better? And what makes wine organic anyway?

What does "organic" mean?

A quick Google search might leave you feeling a bit confused, as what makes a wine organic is not a quick answer! There technically is no universally agreed upon definition, and certifications vary by country. Generally though, wines labeled as organic tend to be made with grapes that are grown according to organic standards (ex: grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers), with minimal sulfites added, and if any other additives are present, they must be organic as well.

When it comes to buying organic wine, marketing is a big thing to watch out for. Labels that say, "made from organic grapes", may not actually be fully organic. If you read a label with that phrasing, that means that only the grapes were grown organically, and that there is no guarantee of a certain sulfite level, or organic processing agents used.

A lot of our favourite organic wines are "organic by nature", or "since inception"! Although they are not technically certified organic by a recognized organization, the winemakers follow the standards for organic farming and winemaking. Organic certifications change based on region and can be very costly, which is why many winemakers may decide not to get certified, despite meeting the qualifications.

Our suggestion for buying organic? Ask an expert! Or follow our recommendations. 

So, is it really better?

Organic wine is a great choice for the environmentally-conscious drinker, who places high value on the efforts of winemakers who follow organic practices to increase their vineyard's sustainability. Although many will argue that organic wine also reduces headaches due to its low sulfite content, there is surprisingly no scientific data to prove that this is true! Health benefits aside, we like to appreciate the environmental efforts of organic winemakers, and some of our favourite tasting wines happen to be organic as well!

Want to try organic wine for yourself? We’ve got you covered! With our new Organic Pack, you can try three of our top picks: 

1. Ellena Giuseppe Barbera d'Alba DOC: Organic & vegan since inception, and located in the famous appellation of La Morra, this Barbera is given extra skin contact & oak aging for fullness & flavour. An elegant & well-balanced wine that provides lovely acidity & softness on the palette.

Ellena Giuseppe Barbara D'Alba

2. Ja! Tempranillo: Organic & vegan since 1742, where each grape is harvested by hand. JA! meaning YES! is made from 100% Tempranillo grape, producing a fresh & flavourful wine. Expect a blend of red & dark fruit with a medium finish. JA! makes for a great appetizer wine.

Ja! Tempranillo

3. Santi Giacomo e Filippo - La Fogliola Bianco Marche Bianchello: From one of the Marché region's most unique white grapes, this 100% Bianchello is a white wine lover's dream. From the organic, vegan, & woman-run winery comes this fuller-bodied, dry white with beautiful notes of grapefruit & melon. Ripe fruits, herbs, and acidity on the palate make this wine perfect to sip on its own or pair with fish, salads, and cheeses.

 La Fogliola Bianco Marche Bianchello

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Organic Wine Pack

If you still have questions about organic wine, don’t let your education end here - send me a message on Instagram @laurenpower_wine and ask me anything!