Sober October x Jukes Cordialities

by Ashley De Marco

While October’s arrival marks the start of the season’s many celebrations – Thanksgiving, Halloween, still being able to eat on a patio – it also announces the start of fall’s busiest month.

With everything going on, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and feel over-indulged, we’ve found that Jukes cordialities are the perfect way to reintroduce some balance into your routines without disrupting them completely.

May we, in partnership with Jukes, present to you our take on Sober October.

Traditionally, Sober October revolves around the commitment to reduce your consumption of or abstain completely from alcohol for the entire month. Many charities and humanitarian organizations run fundraisers in support of and to raise awareness around Sober October.

Depending on what works for you and your lifestyle, you can swap out alcohol for Jukes for the next three straight weeks, take a few bottles along with you to holiday dinners, or incorporate them into your sober beverage rotation.

If you’re sober, sober-curious, or have been wanting to reduce your alcohol consumption, Jukes cordialities are a great option.

Known for their organic, non-alcoholic drinks, the British brand is built on the promise that avoiding alcohol shouldn’t compromise your social life or your taste palate.

Made from a thoughtful combination of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and spices, each apple-cider based add-in mimics the vivid flavours and complex notes of your favourite wines when mixed with still, sparkling, or your favourite tonic water.

Each pack of Jukes comes with nine, 1 oz bottles of one of their signature flavours: 1: The Classic White, 6: The Dark Red, and 8: The Rosé.

Available for purchase on our website, pick up your pack of Jukes from our Toronto offices or get the collection delivered right to your door to start Sober October off the Tre Amici way!