The Summer 2022 Rosé Guide

by Lauren Power

Searching your Summer Rosé? Let this be your guide. 

Rosé wines vary so greatly as they can contain a variety of different grapes, are produced in a range of styles, and originate from various regions. Because of this, their taste, scent, and look can vary significantly

Rather than getting overwhelmed by the options, read on to learn more about some of our top picks for Summer Rosés and find your next go-to bottle. 

Argentina: Malbec Rosé

Wines of Carlos Basso Malbec Rosé - Dos Fincas

This wine is perfect for fans of a classic Malbec. Expect the plum, blackberry, and blueberry notes you love in a Malbec to shine through in this rosé. The bright cherry colours mixed with the scents of fresh fruits, and vanilla make this rosé a delicious experience all around.

California: Primitivo Rosé

OZV Winery Rosé Lodi California

Oak Ridge Winery - OZV Rosé

If you love a rosé that is lighter on the palette, this is the one for you! From Lodi, California, this bright blush wine has perfectly balanced acidity, aromas of fresh nectarine and white peach, and mouth-watering flavours of strawberry and watermelon. 


Non-Alcoholic Rosé

UK: Jukes 8 - The 'Rosé' (Non-Alcoholic!)


Craving the refreshing taste of rosé without the alcohol? Jukes 8 is perfumed and refreshing with a dry finish and scintillating flavours of melon, pomegranate, pear, rhubarb, and apple.

How it works: Fill a glass with chilled still, sparkling, or tonic water. Pour half a bottle of Jukes, and adjust to taste with more Jukes or more water.

France: Sparking Rosé

Collard-Picard Rosé Brut

If you're a champagne lover and haven't tried rosé champagne, it's time to stop everything and pick up this bottle. 

Highly aromatic and rich, Collard-Picard Rosé Brut has delicious notes of red fruits that come from the addition of 10-20% red Champagne wine during blending. Save this wine for a special occasion when you have something to toast to!

France: Lion and Dragon Rosé

Château Roubine Lion & Dragon AOC Rosé

Wanting to explore a new bottle of the classic: Provence Rosé? Lion & Dragon is the bottle for you. With it's dry and soft texture and notes of raspberries and caramel, this is the crowd-pleasing rosé your friends and family will be dying to learn more about.

Bonus points for being organic.

California: Rosé blend

Spade and Sparrows Rosé

Spade and Sparrows Rosé

If you're a Bachelor fan and haven't tried Kaitlyn Bristowe's wine label yet, we highlight recommend you head to the LCBO and pick up a bottle for your next girl's night! 

This rosé is a ‘Provence/Cali’ style with bright acidity and light mouth feel. With a blend of grapes including Barbera for the soft strawberry flavours, Tempranillo and Grenache for light body and aromatics, and the Syrah and Zinfandel to add a touch of fruitiness as well as some depth. It is an all around winner.

We recommend this wine to be enjoyed with friends and your favourite salty snacks. 


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