Prosecco Lover? Tour Tenuta Santomè With Us!

by Lauren Power

Do you love Tenuta Santomè Prosecco?


Not only is it one of our favourite wines to drink, but the stories behind the winery and its incredible people are some of our favourite to tell!

Last week, we had the absolute pleasure of visiting Tenuta Santomè again, and are just as excited as ever to share more about this amazing winery with you. 


Located in Treviso, Italy (Veneto Region), three generations have grown grapes at Tenuta Santomè, but this is the first generation to make wine. A sustainable family winery, grandfather Toni purchased the land back in 1971, his son "Moro" Armando expanded in the 1980s, and his sons, Alan and William, built the Santomè Estate in 1999.


Named by Father Gino Serafin (a Catholic Missionary in Rio, who spent his childhood living where the winery is now located), Tenuta Santomè pays homage to Saint Thomas, who wanted to "see to believe". The logo depicts him with his fingers at a right angle, as if to measure. It denotes the quality and care that can be verified by any customer.

One of our favourite things about Tenuta Santomè, is that in addition to making great wines, sustainability is one of their top priorities. Certified by the SQNPI National Quality System for Integrated Production, Tenuta Santomè has the following initiatives in place:

  • No herbicides
  • Only natural or minimal impact products used
  • Underground/drip irrigation systems
  • Rationalized water use
  • Low sulphite content in wine
  • 70% of energy needs covered by solar panels

You can recognize this certification with the logo on Tenuta Santomè's labels, shown here on this sign at the winery:

Although Tenuta Santomè has a wide range of wines available from sparkling, to reds, to whites, and rosés, one of their most recognizable products is their Prosecco Brut Treviso DOC!

Prosecco is made using the tank method. Like Champagne, Prosecco goes through two rounds of fermentation, but its second round happens in tanks, rather than in bottles. Since the tanks have less pressure than bottles, Prosecco is given its signature light bubbles!

Curious what this looks like at Tenuta Santomè? Check out the tank for yourself!

Already know and love Tenuta Santomè, or finding out about it for the first time today, and wanting to order some of their wines for yourself?

Contact to place your custom order, and let us know your taste in wine so we can help you pick out the bottles you're going to love the most.