Sparkling to Sip Over the Holidays

by Lauren Power

Elevate your holiday celebrations with the perfect selection of sparkling wines!

Whether you're hosting a party or looking for a special gift, choosing the right sparkling wine can make all the difference. From classic Champagne to vibrant Prosecco and elegant Cava, there are endless options waiting to be discovered. To help you make the best choices for your holiday season, here are some favourites of ours.  


For a Luxurious Choice: Champagne 

For a touch of elegance, keep an eye out for renown Champagne houses such as Collard-Picard. This iconic champagne house is perfect for toasting to the season's festivities with loved ones.  

The Collard-Picard Champagne takes you on a luxury trip to France. Explore our Luxury France Duo and sip on nothing but exceptional quality and versatility! This Champagne is crafted exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes and its extra brut style makes for a phenomenal pairing with a wide range of holiday dishes, from savoury appetizers to decadent desserts. It’s sure to elevate the holiday experience with its refined character and celebratory charm! 



Lighter Sips for Everyone: Prosecco 

If you prefer a lighter and fruitier option, Prosecco from Italy is the way to go. Prosecco is lively and refreshing, which adds a celebratory touch to festive toasts!  

Prosecco Brut – Tenuta Santomè – Tenuta Santomè's Prosecco offers a crisp bite with vibrant notes of green apple, pear, and citrus, making it a crowd-pleaser for gatherings. Looking for a touch of sparkle to the festivities?

Try this bubbly in the Celebration Pack paired with an Italian red and white. A delightful and affordable indulgence that embodies the celebratory essence of the holiday season! 



Non-Alcoholic Option: French Bloom

Our latest alcohol-free wine option is a sparkling import that comes from France, made from de-alcoholized Chardonnay from France. French Bloom is both organic and vegan certified, without added sugar or sulfites, and low in calories.

French Bloom's Blanc and Rosé alcohol-free Cuvées provide a fresh taste perfect for both sipping and socializing, giving you an option for everyone you are hosting. Try the discovery pack and bring home both options.




Exceptional Quality, Affordable Price Point: Cava 

Hailing from Spain, Cava is a fantastic alternative to Champagne, offering exceptional quality at a more affordable price point – Great for purchasing in bulk to host your loved ones. Interested in affordable Holiday wines this season? Check out some of our faves! 

Cami de Flors – Phenomenal choice for the holidays, offering a delightful and versatile sparkling wine experience - and yes that means mimosas! With its lively effervescence and expressive flavors, Cami de Flors cava is sure to elevate the holiday experience and create memorable moments with friends and family. Ma Fi showcases Penedès' unique terroir, which imparts a distinct character to its wines.



By selecting the right sparkling wines for your holiday occasions, you can create memorable moments and add a touch of sparkle to your celebrations. Enjoy the sparkling wines mentioned above imported by Tre Amici Wines by contacting us today. Cheers to a joyful and bubbly holiday season!